Karmic Surfing Programme

Learn how to surf the karmic waves of life



A karmic transformation is an elusive alchemical process. That is why we use the metaphor of 'learning how to surf' to explain the course of the programme.

The 5 steps

The explanation about the surfboard, the material, the techniques, ... The program starts with understanding the karmic mechanisms in which we feel trapped

We make deeper contact with our challenges by becoming aware of cut off pieces. We can compare this with practicing surf postures on the beach.

We enter the quiet water for the first time by working around the karmic coding at birth.

The deeper roots of karmic programs are in our subconscious. Once we get there, we come with our board in the first real waves.

Practice in ever higher waves. This is the period to turn insights and mystical experiences into a sustainable spiritual development.

The Alchemy of Soul Themes

You can not control the waves of life. Just like the waves at sea: you never know when a wave will come, nor how big it will be. He is completely determined by life and nature itself. You can only practice and gain experience to improve yourself.



We train ourselves in the paradox

The wave frightens us, and yet we know what we have to do: on the board!

That is the paradox: doing what is scary to do.

And we do it consciously! Not just jumping on it, but conscious and controlled. We look our fears straight in the eyes.

This is how we build mastery in our own lives, and this is different from random luck.

Mastery is becoming one with the wave, 100% in the here and now.

A moment of alchemy and perfection, of contact with our higher self.

Every challenge in our lives thus becomes an opportunity to improve our surfing techniques.

The result

During this program, you build strength and courage to stand on your board. As the waves of life threaten to flood you again, we learn to seek out the magic.

With the necessary dose of humor, you discover relativity and playfulness on this path of being aware. Of course we are still in the water, but we are therefore no longer in the heart of it. That's part of it.

Transformations take time

Just as you can not surf after 1 time, transformations also require a lot of time and practice. You can read as much about it as you want, but you have to do it and apply it in your daily life, in your relationships, in your work.



Where are you?

Depending on the road you have already traveled, you can enter the program at various points.


During a free intake interview, we will examine which phase is most suitable for you.

Our methods

Family setup
Alchemical breathing
Regression therapy
Meditation techniques
Studies of the subconscious mind
Transformational rituals
Karmic reading
Bach flower therapy
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"I am looking for a purpose in my life"

When I lost my job as a director, my world collapsed. My search turned out to be more than just looking for a new job. Very deep fears were awakened in myself, which I could hardly deal with. They often got the form of panic attacks. As if I wandered aimlessly around in life, without meaning. The programme that I followed at Alchemy of Sparks helped me to see the wider picture of those big changes in my life. It turned out to be the beginning of a major transformation. I found out that I even needed a longer professional break in my life. During the coaching I made contact with the causes of my fears and I could handle them. My job turned out to be an escape for those fears. Now, 1 year later, my whole life has changed. I have been able to unravel a knot in myself so that I can accept more in my life without wanting to fight or flee. That way I can enjoy the here and now more. In my new job I immediately positioned myself differently so that I did not relapse in the same patterns of the past.


Joris P. 

      Center for Karmic Transformations

 Alchemy of Sparks 


tel. 0032/474328940

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