Alchemy of the soul

-karmic transformations-


During this lecture, the impact of karmic themes on our daily lives is explained. We have the feeling that we keep on turning around in the problems, like we are trapped in a program. As if we have come to the same point exactly after few years. It makes us desperate.

And yet there is a way out.

Using very practical examples, the general mechanisms of karmic injuries are revealed and also their influence on relationships, the physical body with chronic disorders, emotional functioning and on professional activities .

It will be discussed what our logical reflexes are when such injuries are triggered, and why those reflexes don't work.


We dive deeper into what there is to do to transform those injuries so you can learn to surf the waves of life.

When ?









"After this lecture I understand more about how strongly karmic themes affect my life.It gives me insight into my reactions and their consequences, and by understanding what happens, I feel more inner peace".


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 Alchemy of Sparks 


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