Is this you?

"I see and understand where I am blocking, but I can not change that."

"If therapy does not seem to work anymore"


You have already completed a trajectory within personal development and you notice that you start turning in circles?


This usually points to a karmic problem: injuries at the soul level. Our self-defense mechanism sabotages every therapeutic step towards such injuries.

How do you recognize karmic themes?

They are repeating patterns spread over several years. As if you came back to the same point after a while.

Family patterns in which you are trapped: whatever you try to get out of it, you do not see a way out.

Your way of functioning that you have known all your life, no longer work. However, you do not see alternatives because you do not know otherwise

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Some examples of karmic themes

 Commitment and abandonment fears that lead to repetitive relationship problems.

Chronic physical pains that come back in the family.

Existential fears that give you the feeling that you have to fight for everything in life.

A spiritual crisis that shakes you and throws all your convictions overboard.

Anxiety and panic attacks that you can not rationally explain.

Our logical reaction when karmic themes present themselves in our lives


is an instinctive reaction of fighting or fleeing. There are so deep fears that we see no other options.


We flee into work, sedation, social media, internet, ..., but the waves overwhelm us in the end anyway.

Fighting expresses itself as (desperately) trying to solve the problem that we experience as something that must be combated.


These reactions usually lead to increasing frustration and the well-known yo-yo effect: it is a matter of time that you return to old patterns.

Our approach


With Alchemy of Sparks we guide people to turn that logical flight-of-fight response into strength to dare to contact the problem. Feel conscious and decode the message of our soul.

Once these messages are clear, their application in daily life follows through the paradox: doing what we find very exciting to do.

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"Expanding awareness and acting on it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself!"

The result


We are learning how to surf the karmic waves of life. They no longer overwhelm us.

We can keep our center more and more, no matter what happens. We come in line with our soul and that gives us direction and meaning in our lives.


Obtaining insights into personal blockages also means gaining insights into personal qualities, whereby goals suddenly come closer and become feasible.



" It is expected that I know better "

" Long time I felt pressured doing supervision with people. It felt as it was expected from me to know the solution to the problems of the client.

I was the one who put that pressure on my shoulders.

During my programme, my pride as my pressure started to crumble.

Now I feel a growing confidence in coaching, and I dare to stay with the client in the problem. I focus more on the process than on the result. "

Veronique R. / personal life coach