Sweat lodge with medicinal herbs


Sweat lodge with medicinal herbs



On our way of becoming aware, it is important to give our body the necessary care. Karmic blockages are fixed in the physical layer. If we work on our consciousness, it will always have an impact on our body. The same applies vice versa: we can use the body as access to expanding our consciousness. The heat of the sweat lodge brings us to resistances where we breathe in order to make a journey in our consciousness.


A sweat lodge forms the combination of physical cleansing and expanding of consciousness. During the different pouring sessions, specific medicinal herbs are used that act on the organs where specific energies and emotions are retained.


For example, the kidneys are the place where our existential fears get stuck, while grief accumulates in the lungs.


By letting the steam of herbs act on our body, we bring those energies into the light of our consciousness. That contributes to its transformation.

When ?


on demand


11:00 - 20:00


Where ?



Alchemy of Sparks,





"For the first time in my life, I was able to connect with the Earth very quickly and I felt completely absorbed by her beautiful protective energy. Fire, heat and herbs gave me a deep sense of purification and healing. It was a coming home in myself. A unique experience that asks for more. "


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