Winter solstice


"The winter solstice is an anchor point in the year for me. Here I reflect on the direction in my life and adjust where necessary."



Winter solstice for men



Do you feel the need to withdraw in the winter?

Do you want to reflect on the professional direction you are heading?

Do you need silence and tranquility to recharge your batteries?


The darkest days of the years invite you to this. The wolf withdraws into its den while it hardly gets light outside. You meet yourself in that silence. The first part of the internship is aimed at observing whether there are still things that draw you to the past. On the transition to a new solar year, we are flying over the past year.

Do you still have things to complete?

What do you have to do to really let go of the year?

In a wider picture that comes down to tidying up your past. If you are not in line with that past, you will never find peace in the here and now. There is the possibility to look at those pieces that prevent you from evolving further.

Then on the shortest day of the year you enter the silence of the moment. It is a zero point in the year to connect with yourself. You shut yourself off from the outside world and dive into your inner world. You go beyond the mental analysis and see what arises from the depth of your consciousness.

In that silence you make contact with your soul.

How does your soul want to manifest itself?

What are the themes you want to get started with?

In the third part of the internship we fall back into the matter by formulating concrete goals for the coming year. This can be both personal and professional. You tune your compass to the direction of your soul. Your personal plan forms the guideline for the future.


During the winter solstice you spend most of the time alone in silence as you work on your personal themes. There are group moments to guide you through this. There you can share how your process is going and together with the other men you can see what you are bumping into. Those moments form the connection with the pack. You have your own process to do, but you are not alone. We learn from each other and encourage each other.





December 19 to 23






Oxdonckstraat 168

1880 Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos





650 euros

max 10 participants

"I really managed to complete something during this winter solstice. I have discovered that I am constantly looking for safety outside myself. My mother, my work, my relationship...

I was finally able to make contact with safety within myself. This allows me to close that old program and start the new year on a different basis. That brings me a deep peace."


      Center for Karmic Transformations

 Alchemy of Sparks 


tel. 0032/474328940

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