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Alchemy of Sparks

International center for karmic transformations

"I am aware that the cause of my problems is inside of me, but I can not get near it."



-Karmic Astrology and coaching

-Inner child healing 

-regression massage

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In "Alchemy of Sparks" we guide you in your Karmic Transformation. If you have a feeling of turning in circles within a certain theme over a period of several years, this often points to karmic injuries. It usually gives you a feeling of powerlessness.

If you no longer see a way out or you feel disconnected from yourself then we are happy to help you through various methods to reconnect with your soul.

Within our personal development, problems are most noticeable at the physical and emotional level. The origin, however, lies in an energetic imbalance that we usually have no insight into. In daily life it manifests itself as repeating patterns in which we are trapped.

In the deeper layers of our subconscious we find keys and answers to free us from that suffering. There we can decipher the patterns that stand in the way of further evolution.

These patterns are based on karmic coding. Our intention is to guide people to decipher and transform those patterns.

On that inner path you make contact with your authentic self again. It will bring harmony, love and balance to your life.


Gert De Smedt and Nadina Šetić

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The book (in Dutch and French)


Alchemy of the soul

Guide for karmic transformations


On the basis of many examples from his own experience and guidance of people,

Gert De Smedt describes the mechanism behind tranformations.


It is an accessible guide in which you will undoubtedly recognize yourself with specific guidelines as to what to do and what not to do during times of crisis in your life.

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