My message to you


The solution of the problem is not in the solution. We first have to dare to fall into the problem. If we have the courage to remain conscious in that internal pressure, and see how life around us reacts to that, then we create alchemy. Then the transformation process can unfold. 

I don't know how your personal path will unfold, but I will be there for  you, to guide you on your transformational journey.


Gert De Smedt


Gert graduated as a bio-engineer in chemistry in 2001 and was a teacher of sciences for 4 years.

A burn out and Cronical Fatigue Syndrom brought him on a totally new path of personal development. Since 2008 he guides people on their way to more awareness. Last  years he has specialized within Alchemy of Sparks in karmic and personal transformations.


Our vision


Our psychological and physiological problems arise from energetic imbalance, so that our energetic and emotional reality becomes our physical reality.

As a result, we can experience the wounds in us and the problems in our lives, but we do not know what the origin or the real reason of those are.

Our subconscious mind has  answers and keys to free us from suffering. There we can find patterns that block us from further development in our lives.

Those patterns are there for a reason and it is our intention to go deep to find and understand them so that we can change them. It is a path that requires consistency and dedication to ourselves.

On this path you will find  answers to your questions and on this inner journey you will reconnect with your original self and bring harmony, love and balance back into your life.


   Alchemy of Sparks

International center for karmic transformations

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