With Alchemy of Sparks I want to contribute to the development of consciousness. Any individual who becomes aware affects the collective consciousness of humanity. In the current times of challenges and crises, that awareness is fundamental to the evolution into a new era.





Within our personal development, problems show themselves most quickly on the physical and emotional level. The origin, however, lies in an energetic imbalance, which we usually have no insight into. In daily life it expresses itself as repeating patterns in which we are trapped.

A basic reflex in difficult moments is looking for solutions, while the solution to a problem usually does not lie in the solution. We must first have the courage to dare to sink into the problem.

In the deeper layers of our subconscious mind we find keys and answers. There we can decipher the patterns that stand in the way of further evolution.

Those patterns are there for a reason, from a karmic coding. Our intention is to guide people to decipher and change those patterns. It is a path that takes dedication to find answers to your questions.


If you can muster the courage to consciously make contact with the pain point, a new world will open. Alchemy arises, the interaction between matter and consciousness.

At that point, the transformation process begins to unfold. It is a road that is unique for everyone.

I do not know how your path will unfold, but I can guide you on your inner path of transformation from my own experience. An inner path of healing and awareness that reconnects you with your original self and brings harmony, love and balance into your life.




Gert De Smedt


Gert graduated as a bio-engineer in chemistry in 2001 and was a science teacher for four years.

A burnout and CFS took him on a completely new path of personal development.


He took additional training as a therapist in emotional bodywork and system constellations, Zhineng Qigong, permaculture, geobiology and dowsing. In his constant study of consciousness, contact with Amazonian tribes is an important pillar.


From his own experiences he has been guiding people on their inner journey since 2008. In recent years he has specialized with Alchemy of Sparks in karmic and personal transformations.