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Do you feel the need to withdraw?

Do you want to reflect on the professional direction you are taking?

Do you need silence and rest to recharge your batteries?

The first part of the retreat is aimed at observing whether there are still things that pull you to the past. We fly over the past year on the transition to a new solar year.


Do you still have things to finish?


What do you have to do to really let go of the year?

In a broader picture, that boils down to cleaning up your past. If you are not clear with that past, you will never find peace in the here and now. There is the possibility to look at those pieces that are hindering your further development. There are exercises, meditations and group moments to guide you. There you can share how your process is progressing and, together with the other men, see what you bump into. You have to do your own process yourself, but you are not alone.

We learn from each other and encourage each other.


In order to optimally support the process of creation, a lot of attention is paid to our body during this internship. Therefore, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, and live foods are provided.


Then, on the shortest day of the year, you enter the silence of the moment. It is a zero point in the year to connect with yourself. You shut yourself off from the outside world and dive into your inner world. You go beyond the mental analysis and see what emerges from the depths of your consciousness.

In that silence you make contact with your soul.


How does your soul want to manifest?


What are the themes that you want to work with?


In the third part of the internship, we go back into the subject matter by formulating concrete goals for the coming year. This can be both personal and professional. You tune your compass to the direction of your soul. Your personal plan is the guide for the future.


During the Alchemist retreat, you will spend a great deal of time alone in silence while working on your personal themes.


In addition to the group moments, there is always the possibility for personal guidance if you need it in your process.

Become an alchemist of your life

19-23 December 2021

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The winter solstice retreat for men will take place in Center Koningsteen in Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos, in Belgium. A beautiful ecological place for reflection, in the middle of nature, with many surprising corners in the park.

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Each participant of max. 10, stays in a single room with private bathroom. That provides the necessary comfort .

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The price for this retreat is 750 €, incl. VAT.


Here the stay is included with overnight stay in single rooms, 1 liter of fresh vegetable juice per day, fruit, all meals with (organic) live food and the supervision of the retreat.

"I really managed to complete something during this winter solstice. I have discovered that I am constantly looking for safety outside myself. My mother, my work, my relationship...

I was finally able to make contact with safety within myself. This allows me to close that old program and start the new year on a different basis. That brings me a deep peace."