For men


"My father never taught me how to be a man. I have to discover it for myself."

The call of the wolf


The call of the wolf is a program for men who build on their authentic power. The wolf symbolizes that power. He is responsible and at the same time playful, he is independent and at the same time helpful in the group. Based on those characteristics you will look for your balance and your inner authority in this program.

That authority is not determined by external factors. It comes from within and does not require confirmation or approval from others.

It is.


You build step by step that inner strength. The strongest foundations are built slowly. This program follows the rhythm of nature to come to our own natural rhythm. There is the winter solstice where you get the chance to fully go inside yourself. During the darkest days of the year we withdraw for reflection and creation. You make contact with the path of your soul in the silence of your consciousness.


On the other side of the solar year there is the mountain retreat in Austria. During this trip we will take conscious action. It is the manifestation of your masculine power in matter. The journey is a metaphor for the path of your soul in which your daily challenges will be mirrored. Supported by other men, you look at those challenges remotely. Literally then, at a great height. You will return to the valley with new insights.


Individual supervision is included.