Individual coaching


Individual coaching

After the intake interview, most people start their trajectory with an individual session. It looks at the state of your energetic system and what it needs. Karmic themes always show themselves through symptoms that we experience as unpleasant. This can be physical inconveniences or conflicts, for example. A chain reaction of symptoms arises from a karmic knot. During an individual session we follow that chain in the direction of the cause. For that we have to go from thinking to feeling. Thinking lays a veil on consciousness. If we want to expand our consciousness, then we must come into contact with the feeling.

A fundamental key that we use during the sessions is breathing. If we find something exciting, we hold our breath. If we want to come into contact with those underlying fears, then we will naturally have to breathe deeper. We work with what presents itself at the border of consciousness.

Energetic arrangements are also used to gain more insight into blockages. Through this technique, unconscious patterns are magnified in an arrangement to be felt. If necessary, the cell memory in pain points is activated via touch. Tensions that we have physically stored can be released in this way.

Your body always indicates where it can follow a leap in consciousness. That pace must be respected. There is no point in trying to force a breakthrough. Afterwards, this will only generate more resistance.

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85 euros

"I did sentimental bookkeeping in relationships. Everything was calculated and conditional because I had never known otherwise. That is why I created my own prison. I was allowed to discover unconditional love. First and foremost for myself. I had already read this in books , but now I experience it myself, I feel it in my cells. What a freedom! "