Become an engineer of your life


You are a divine spark and you have chosen this incarnation to shine in your full power. This program will guide you on the way there. It is a way of transformation through the clearing of karmic charges. Your soul injuries thus become your qualities and wisdom of life.


With this online program you make a commitment of daily training and practice. You commit to putting the insights gained into the matter. Therefore, you may have to leave your comfort zone often. By taking those steps of integration you will be able to achieve a sustainable transformation.


During this program you will change. Your consciousness will increase, and you will go through challenging times of transformation. We cannot burden others with our process. That is why it is fundamental to enter into a dialogue with your environment and update them regularly about what is happening in you.


With this program you will gain awareness of your karmic patterns within which you function and are usually trapped. By transforming those patterns you will attune your personality to your soul. That is a foundation for genuine happiness.




1 hour per month

video coaching and

personal guidance


±12 months


150 euro per month

Soul engineering : online program

aurelia Jellyfish

The result

You heal your past.


You learn to work with your body.


By studying relationships outside of you, you transform the relationship with yourself.


You become one with the way of your Soul.

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"It is incredibly valuable to have someone who knows what is happening during my crisis. It gives me confidence when I feel that Gert knows the process of a dark night of the soul through and through. The guidelines calm me down so  I don't try to flee in alcohol anymore.

I feel step by step getting more powerful to take control of my own life again. "