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Online webinar

Karmic Relationships

A relationship is not just an encounter between two people. It is a meeting of two karmic systems. Behind each person are countless ancestors with their wisdom and injuries. In a relationship, karma is activated to be transformed that way. However, if we are not aware of it, it is usually a source of conflict and frustration. For example, we can't understand why one comment or sigh from our partner can make us completely upset. Those irrational responses indicate the activation of karmic injuries. During the webinar it is explained how karma in relationships is increasingly magnified. The karmic coding starts at conception, pregnancy and birth. They are key moments in the evolution of a soul. Then there is the relationship with our parents that we mainly undergo. There is still very little meta-awareness. If we step into an intimate relationship without consciousness, the karmic themes in it will emerge even more strongly. That mechanism is explained in detail. A new form of relationship is emerging with our children. They will mirror us where we still have work to do. Many people have to admit that they repeat with their own children the same pattern they suffered as a child. Or they fall into the opposite. No matter how hard they try, it feels like they can't help it.

History unwittingly repeats itself.


This webinar is about the common thread in our relationships as a child, as a partner and as a parent. Each generation has the choice to transform karmic themes. If we don't, we pass them on in turn. How can you recognize karmic patterns in relationships, and how can you deal with them?

You will discover it in this webinar.

"After this lecture I understand more about how strongly karmic themes affect my life.It gives me insight into my reactions and their consequences, and by understanding what happens, I feel more inner peace".


Carlo / Switzerland