Mountain retreat


Mountain retreat


During this retreat you will look for the balance between independence and contact in the group. The balance between inside and outside. And there, on that golden mean, we come into contact with our soul. The mountains form an ideal framework for this. The silence, the power, the indomitable nature, the purity.


You discover how you deal with challenge, vulnerability, physical and mental boundaries. You can heal hurt male energy in yourself by being supported by other men. For that there is a safe framework, without performance or competition, with an individual intention, within a group dynamic, in respect for the laws of nature.

Climbing becomes meditation in this way: the physical, mental and spiritual come together in conscious action.


Without many words, the mountains and the altitude will automatically bring you to a different consciousness. The breathtaking views form the gateway to relativity and humility. You come into direct contact with the colossal rock masses of the great mineral teachers.


The mountains are waiting.

For millions of years.

Until someone opens to consult their wisdom.

I invite you to this experience.

When ?


4-9 Juli 2021



11-16 Juli 2021



Where ? 


Oetztal - Tirol - Austria


 max. 6 participants 

Important !!!


This retreat requires specific preparation. Therefore, contact us in time for more information.

"There are many paths to God, one of them runs across the mountains."