Crisis demands new consciousness

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It has begun.

For years, people have spoken and written about the transition to a new era on earth. It was supposed to be in the year 2000, but was then moved to 2012.

Not a big change for most people.

But whoever wanted to see saw them.

The climate has been sending out signals for decades that the sustainability of our way of life is limited. Of course, there are people on this planet who are already experiencing physical problems, but it does not affect the vast majority of the population. It always remained a far-from-my-bed show. Our way of life no longer works.


We have ignored the signals, consciously or unconsciously, and we are now paying the price for that. We have developed a way of life that exhausts not only the earth, but also the human body. We have become extremely weak as a race. Any animal that is born can survive in its biotope and knows what to do and eat to be in top condition. Look at us.

What helpless creatures we have become, so dependent, weak and vulnerable. If you look at what we need in terms of resources over the course of a human life, just to be able to live a basic life, well ... then it cannot be otherwise that this will ever come to an end.

And we are now faced with the facts by a global virus like this. They are the consequences of the human legacy. We can ignore it less and less, because it reaches our living rooms. Global warming affected a limited group of people, but this is different. The impact is more concrete, the number of deaths is increasing rapidly.

Where a few weeks ago everyone still hoped that we could quickly pick up our lives as before, we now have to gradually come to the conclusion that that will not happen again. We cannot go back, because this only seems to be the beginning of a period with major challenges.

It is the growing pressure of the transition period between two eras. You can compare it to a birth process that we experience as the end of our existence. The pressures and challenges during that birthing process are enormous, and it is a fight to the death. We have to gasp, struggle, stomp, scream, to make our way out. We don't know what awaits us outside.

They are the characteristics of a transformation.

All the old collapses to make way for something new. The difficult thing for us as a rational being is that we don't know what that new thing will be, just as the fetus cannot form a picture of the outside world. Globally we are now in such a transformation process and it awakens the most existential fears in ourselves. Irrational bubbles of panic find their way up. Our deep karmic themes are activated. We are now entering a period where the masks are starting to fall off. The camouflage systems are getting exhausted. What we may have been able to suppress for many years is increasingly being activated. Some people are already in the process because they themselves have been affected by the virus, or because they have lost their job or perhaps because a loved one has died. Each will receive specific activators for the painful themes. Others hope to hold on for a while or feel invincible.

But this is just the beginning!

Transformations always take place in cycles of increasing and decreasing pressure. You could compare it to the contractions at birth. It is quiet for a while, and then comes another wave of tremendous pressure where we think we are over.

Many people experience this corona crisis as the first pain, as a wave that engulfs them. Future images are slowly collapsing. From short to longer term, from the planned wedding party to the professional career that falls apart. Suddenly we no longer know what the future will bring. We have lived in the illusion for so long that we could submit everything to the control of the human will. And we seem to be losing ground. Slowly but certainly.

A logical response is to step up the fight. It's a survival mechanism. We fight against the virus, against the challenges, against the diseases ...

If we take a look at the past, we see that this takes an awful lot of energy and usually we get a heavier blow a few years later. It is an energetic auction.

We thought we could handle any disease with our modern medicine. An auction that has been going on for centuries now. The battle is getting tougher.

It is the same with our own karmic injuries that are triggered by moments of crisis like these. We are used to camouflage or fight them, but the fight is getting tougher.

For example, many people today need to increase the dose of tranquilizers or anti-depressants. They already suffered from depression, and this crisis only pushes the pain point even harder. And everyone has their own calming strokes (food, cigarettes, alcohol, social media, ...)


To what dose do we continue? Where's the point we say stop? Or where our body will say stop.

Just like the earth says stop now.

"Just a little while longer, it will get better, or it will take our time out."

Not so.

We will have to look at it at some point. And it is a luxury to be able to choose that moment yourself. The longer we wait, the more limited the choice becomes. Outside of us we can already see it clearly. We didn't stop polluting the earth when we still had the choice. And look now! Globally, pollution will stop within a few weeks and the earth will breathe again. The unattainable and fiercely contested climate goals achieved in the blink of an eye.

So in it also IN ourselves.

On the physical level, for example, you can wait to start eating healthy until you become seriously ill, if it is not too late by then. Or you start earlier.

In the spiritual-energetic realm it also comes down to the same thing: we either push our hot karmic issues forward until we have completely crushed ourselves, or we are already working on our consciousness earlier. We will get enough signals. It is up to us to choose how long to ignore or delay them, but the pressure continues to increase and the consequences usually too.

The current crisis is accelerating our personal development.

It is a unique opportunity to free ourselves from karmic charges. Our personal themes, but also the karmic themes within nations and humanity as a whole.

If we look at the challenges that way, we are no longer helpless victims. We focus on the opportunities that this crisis offers. Opportunities to grow as a person and as humanity.

In my book "Alchemy of the soul" I describe in more detail our logical reflexes during moments of crisis and why they don't work. You will also find the "do's and don'ts" for transformation processes.

I hope they can provide insight, support and guidance in these difficult times.

Know that you are not alone!

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