Thanks to the crisis

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The title of this article contains a contradiction to our mental perception. The word 'thanks' is mainly positively connoted, while we usually make negative associations with the word 'crisis'. It is thinking in terms of right and wrong. Something we have all become very good at. More and more people realize this way of functioning in which we have ended up worldwide in recent centuries. That is a first step: becoming aware of the constant judgment about good and evil in which we are trapped. How difficult is it to observe or experience something and let it be, without judgment. Most people have a hard time with that.

The next step is to become aware of the consequences of that way of life. Judgment creates distance. And distance creates suffering.

That is already a completely different angle! Not only is it identifying that we are constantly judging right and wrong, but if we go deeper into it, it is a constant source of suffering in our daily lives that we nourish.

It is from such a world view that we have christened the current period with the name 'crisis'. And this naturally includes the full crisis response mechanism.

Nothing wrong with that in itself, but observe how you position yourself in that field of crisis and how to combat it. Where are you anywhere on the ladder of emotional attachment and identification? You could also call it the 'degree of drama' that our pain body likes to deal with.

The more you are entangled in that pain body, the more this crisis will take hold of you, and the chances of suffering greatly increase. We then experience the world around us from the perspective of the personality.

Attention, this is not about good or bad either! Otherwise we would have left again for a round on the same mill of duality!

I only invite you to observe what is happening within yourself, where you are standing somewhere in that consciousness. And do not try to intervene. Because that would be a hidden form of control. As we fight the crisis, we also fight ourselves.

We are no further than that ...

Nor is it about minimizing or denying problems, illness, pain or loss. It's about consciousness on it.

If we look at our life from the level of the soul, then both you and I have put this crisis in the design of our incarnation that we may experience simultaneously. And like everything that we may experience during our life, we designed it from the soul with the aim of growing. To wake up spiritually, to free us from karmic charges and to be able to evolve to our full potential as human beings, to shine and bring light as divine sparks.

So yes, this crisis has each of us designed for ourselves. Simple proof of this is that no one on this planet experiences this period like anyone else. The crisis releases other energies in everyone that are emerging. There is a wide range of fears, but no two people have exactly the same fears. Everyone has their own specific triggers and nuances.

During challenges like these, the logical reflex of our pain body is to connect with the negative consequences and suffering. That is the well-known strategy that leads to panic and, in a further phase, mass hysteria.

But during the past 2 months of lockdown I have made the exercise with many people to change perspective. I also invite you to complete the following sentence:


Perhaps an uncomfortable feeling or misunderstanding, or even resistance, arises at first, but the trick is not to let that mislead you. Just go a little further and open yourself up to the experiences that you have only been able to have in this life thanks to this corona crisis.

The results were always more than surprising! Once we are over that first barrier and allow ourselves to also view the 'positive' impact, a new zone in our consciousness usually opens. I would like to give you a number of answers:

Thanks to the crisis ....

... I got to know my partner much better,

... I found out that I actually don't like my job anymore and I was given the time to reorient myself.

... from now on I will work from home a lot more, an option I never thought of before.

... I got to know the value of a hug. From now on I will embrace people much more consciously when it is allowed again.

... I started eating a lot healthier.

... I started exercising again for a long time.

... I finally took the time to meditate.

... I found out that I no longer want the stress of running my own business.

... I came up with new professional ideas.

These are just a few of the many 'positive' experiences people associate with this abrupt stop of our collective rat race. What we haven't been able to do for years now turns out to be possible in a few weeks.

And so every 'crisis' gives us the opportunity to look at it from a different perspective.

I invite you to take a moment to look at it as an event that you have planned to learn and evolve from it.

And there is nothing wrong with tensions and difficulties. They are a fundamental part of evolution. The key lies in identification with it. We can grow out of difficulties or friction.

Are we learning anything from this crisis?

Are we going to change something?

Or are we going to wait anxiously for the revival of a new mutant?

Or some other plague from the disturbance of the ecosystem.

Do we go into paralyzing fear, or do we evolve as humans to a different level of consciousness and therefore a different way of life?

What an opportunity to collectively grow into a new consciousness. That new consciousness will have to run on different programs than we know so far. We see the results of those old programs all around us ... So we'll have to try something new.

It is an opportunity to connect with universal cosmic laws. These are not laws designed to punish or restrict us. No, it is the reinstallation of the old wisdoms that are meant to let man live in harmony with each other and with nature. In abundance, and with a free consciousness.

Welcome to Alchemy of Sparks to shape that new era together.

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