The sweat lodge is inaugurated for this year!

Bijgewerkt op: 1 okt. 2020

The inauguration of the sweat lodge for this year is a fact. We went into it with 7 men, and it led us to a surprising inner path.

Time and again I am impressed by the power of a sweat lodge. This time it also confirmed the necessary care for our body on our way of becoming aware.

In essence, it is a purification ritual. The men who want to purify themselves after the hunt before they return to the village. Although few people still slaughter animals themselves, we live in a world where quite a bit of aggression is considered normal.

Our energetic bucket is slowly filling up and we are getting intoxicated. The physical aspect with the intense sweating in the hut supports this aspect.

The herb mixes that we use for pouring have a specific effect in every round, both on a physical and emotional-energetic level. The heat causes the confrontation with ourselves, the contact with bokkades and resistances.

If it gets too hot in a sauna, we go outside.

Here we go inside. In ourselves.

What is going on in our consciousness at those moments of inner pressure and resistance? We enter into a different state of being, guided by the energy of the various herbs. We discover specific zones on the journey in our consciousness.

The sweat lodge is also a creative ritual. Symbolically we enter the womb of the Earth, where the warm seed of fire is brought in in the form of glowing stones.

We find answers for our own creative themes. Answers deep within our consciousness, in the layers of the old mineral wisdom. The stones are the first matter that was formed in the cooling magma of the earth.

If this inauguration was a foretaste, then this promises a lot for what is to come!

We have planned several sweat lodges this year: welcome!

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