Diet as support in karmic processes

Bijgewerkt op: 1 okt. 2020

I am currently on a diet for more than 3 months.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ON a diet, I didn't want to lose weight. It is a continuation of a spiritual diet that I did two years ago with the Indians in the Amazon forest. Supporting my process of becoming aware.

At the beginning of this year I felt I was reaching a ceiling in that process. As if my body could not follow my consciousness. There was an inner call to fast at the end of February. I did that for 8 days, then to continue with live food, and fast for another day every week to stay up to date. An incredibly interesting process.

The most visible are the lost 15 kilos of body weight, which fortunately are on the rise again. My body needs to rebuild on a different basis. That obviously takes time, but I clearly notice evolution. Hopefully it will go a bit further, or I have to replace all my clothes.

Less visible, but much more complex, is the consciousness side of the diet. Unbelievable what all this unleashes in me.

And that's how it feels: pieces are being released that were stored in my system. Pieces that I kept suppressed with food. During the lectures I am talking about cut-off pieces that are caused by karmic injuries. There is no light in those zones anymore, which creates shadows in ourselves. Dark zones that can take on demonic proportions, where around we build thick walls of self-protection. Those demons only want to return to their origins, to ourselves, so that those demons, our shadows, always knock on those doors of those dungeons. Personally I kept a lot of those demons calm by eating sugar. Not much, but it was an addiction. And I only started to notice that when I stopped using sugar. Boy o boy...

The karmic themes are suddenly very raw and unsalted on your plate. Literally.

Life has guided me in this direction to experience for myself what the enormous potential is in the cooperation between consciousness and the physical body. Within Alchemy of Sparks we already use the body as an entrance to a journey into consciousness, through the emotional body work, the breathing sessions and the sweat lodges, but now more and more food and detox are being added. For example, yesterday I did a detox specifically to support my kidneys, and this night I had anxiety dreams that I often had in my childhood.

The physical detox is therefore accompanied by the energetic release from karmic charges.

And it also works in the opposite direction, of course: it was my consciousness that inspired me to have more care for my physical body.

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