The importance of expanded states of consciousness for our evolution

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When faced with challenges in our lives, our reflex is usually to "come up with" solutions based on a mental analysis. It is an approach that works to a certain level.

You can perfectly tackle a defective car on the side of the road with a mental analysis. You call the insurance service and you inform at work that you will be at the appointment later. The car is moved to the garage and you are brought home. Simple.

However, when it comes to challenges of a different order, such as personal developments, relational or family challenges, protracted diseases, ... we also try to deal with our minds. A logical analysis within a Western-trained mind must lead us to solutions. We often have to come to the same conclusion: it works to a certain level, or for a certain period.

If, after a while, we find ourselves back in the same situation, that we have arrived at exactly the same point as a few months or years ago, then we must eventually admit that the solutions of our mental layer are inadequate.

It is the starting point of a new approach within our personal development: acknowledging that our logically reasoned solutions no longer work.

And that is a typical trait for karmic themes. Whatever we "think up", it no longer works, or it only works for a very short time. And those periods are getting shorter and shorter. The logical solution that helped me 2 years ahead last time, is already working out after a few months.

It is the same course that many people have to decide with traditional medical procedures. The symptoms keep coming back faster or the effect of the therapy is getting shorter and shorter.

This is the result of solution thinking and symptom control.

There comes a time when it simply no longer works.

The "solution" or approach must come from a different side. A side where we usually have a blind spot, a side that we don't know.

It is like a fly that just keeps bumping into the window. She thinks there is the exit, she only looks in one direction. Because she's almost there every time. Another centimeter, and she's outside.

But from a different consciousness, we know that she will never get through the glass, no matter how long or how hard she keeps trying. We know the result: burned-down crashing on the windowsill. Nowadays we call this burn out. Our head just keeps trying to get out, looking for solutions in the same direction.

One time with a longer run-up, one with all our strength to try and break the window, but all efforts are in vain.

The exit is not where we expect it ...

We need to go to another layer or to another state of consciousness to find an exit. Either the fly continues until it is effectively burned out on the windowsill, or it settles earlier and looks the other way to see if there is no other exit. For that she has to leave her internal program.

So it also applies to us. If we want sustainable solutions to our challenges, then we must try other paths than we are used to, inspired by our logical analytical spirit that here in the West there is incredibly good training in the school system.

For clarity's sake, there is nothing wrong with that, but you must know within which domains it works, and within which it does not.

To gain consciousness within recurring karmic patterns, it doesn't work. The mental cannot penetrate into the domain of the soul. We can put it at the service of it.

Where is an exit from our karmic suffering then?

Indeed: expanded states of consciousness, or "altered states of mind" as often described in international literature.

There are many ways to reach expanded states of consciousness. They all have the same characteristic: we experience time and space in a completely different way.

Just as the participant in the bergstage felt as if they were on the road for 3 weeks instead of 3 days. Or the woman who thought after a 3-hour meditation that it had lasted a maximum of 20 minutes.

But listening to a concert or watching a theater performance or film can also completely change our notion of time.

It is generally believed that time is a creation of the mind, but that theory also becomes "a reality," if we experience it ourselves. We have not heard it said anymore, but by experiencing it ourselves.

Within Alchemy of Sparks we work with different methods to achieve an "altered state of mind". There are the deep breaths, the guided meditations, the heat of the sweat lodges, the climbing in the mountains, ...

All with the same goal: to pause the mind, to be able to make contact with deeper layers of intelligence. In this way you make contact with completely different sources of information that we as human beings have access to.

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