Your perfect life in 3 steps

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Find your dream partner in 3 steps.

Find the job of your life in 3 steps.

Realize financial abundance in 3 steps.

They are slogans that you will find everywhere. It is a social trend to change your life in an apparently very simple way. And that turns out to be successful with all those testimonials from broadly smiling people.

But what do you do if it doesn't work for you?

Indeed, then you have a problem, because it works for all those others. Usually you start such a program from a pain point you are struggling with. If it doesn't work then, it will give you a double hangover afterwards. This is a hidden sorrow that I often have to identify. Once again a gate to a better future is closing. You can no longer go to those who offered you the ready-made solution. Because it doesn't work for you. Frustration all around.

I notice that sustainable transformations in our lives take time and are difficult.

With that, I immediately got the biggest anti-marketing bite because we are increasingly used to satisfying our needs with one mouse click.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

It is therefore not the case with real transformations. I don't think you have to look far. Let's start with ourselves and some "bad" habit that we want to change. You can think of a number of examples yourself, I suspect.

Quit smoking? Reduce chocolate? Correct a skewed relationship?

When we get into such habits, we quickly notice that it is actually about a bigger tangle of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ... We don't just get away with some positive affirmations in the morning before breakfast. It is much stronger than ourselves.

Karmic themes in which we feel trapped cannot be transformed in a short period of time. It may well be that there is a sudden acceleration thanks to the preparatory work that we have already done. But a transformation takes place over a period of several years. Impossible to solve this during a workshop. The anchoring of such karmic programs is on many levels: physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual. All those layers have to transform along, and that takes time.

For example, if I look at my own food transition, I read in the beginning that such a switch usually takes one and a half to two years. Something in me thought I could do better than all those others and I had the intention to switch immediately. Easy. Well ... not so. Eating habits are anchored in all those layers that it is not just about a physical impact.

Within Alchemy of Sparks our approach is to descend to the roots of certain habits or programs. The focus is then no longer on the consequences, but on the deeper causes. If we can make changes to that, habits will change on their own. They are no longer the goal in themselves, but are the result of a broader consciousness. That doesn't make the road any easier, but there is at least a direction. A bigger picture that gives direction to our personal development.

There is little point in drawing attention to the relationship in which you feel unwell, if this turns out to be a result of karmic separation anxiety. If we manage to transform that fear in our consciousness, then all consequences in matter will automatically change.

The descent to those roots is not easy. There we encounter the resistance of our self-defense mechanism. They are hard armor around our injuries that open layer by layer. You can only go as fast as your own system can handle. Technically, there are techniques to get through those armor faster, but you pay the price afterwards. They will recover again, and perhaps even fatter than before. And then we are even further.

It is a good sign when people arrive with the intention of moving forward in their transformation process as quickly as possible. But very often they have to find out that it is sometimes too painful and that more processing time is needed. That pain can be physical, but also emotional or psychological. For example, bubbles of irrational panic can emerge. We cannot place them at all, but it is gasping for breath. Each leap in our consciousness therefore needs time to be able to integrate on the different layers of our energetic system.

The greater our karmic injuries, the thicker our armor, the more painful it is to come into contact with it and the longer it will take to transform it. It is a very logical system.

In karmic transformations, slow is the fastest way to progress. If we force, you will receive counter-reactions.

So don't feel like a failure on this road if things don't go as planned. You cannot plan this road. Continue and you will meet people who are also on the road. Like a pilgrimage.Several people are walking in a street, but you will recognize the pilgrims following an inner call. The feet hurt, the backpack hurts, but you will understand each other and be able to support each other without many words.

Respect your own pace and keep in touch with your inner calling. Rest when it gets too much and move on with renewed powers.

Maybe slow, but sustainable.

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