Karma and fruit flies

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The world holds its breath, doesn't know what's to come. How big will the impact of this virus be? As if humanity is being warned and made aware of our vulnerability and consequences of our way of life.

We feel threatened as a race.

I think it is a huge chance for a jump in our collective consciousness because this viral infection is coming to show us something.

In a broader picture, I am regularly asked about negative energies where people feel threatened or attacked by specific or more abstract entities. It scares them and puts them on the defensive. There usually starts a phase of fighting those energies. We fight. Sometimes even in very subtle and noble ways. By the way, many people start therapy with that approach. There is an energy within or outside of themselves that they want to get rid of. And usually the question arises whether it lies outside itself or within.

Sometimes it is obvious that it comes from outside us and we feel like a victim, but sometimes we have to admit that we always put it on ourselves.

At a certain point André became aware that he was in conflict with many people. The normal pattern he could decipher in his life then went like this: the conflict escalated little by little, until it became untenable and the relationship with the other was broken. Then there was a period of being alone, and after a while an analogous story started. It was cycles that became predictable over time. The only constant in all those conflict stories was himself ...

Are those negative energies that seem to be targeting him all the time within him or outside of him?

Observe what happens when you put a bowl of overripe fruit in a closed room. After a few days, fruit flies will flock to it. Where do they come from? Hard to figure out, but they are there, and more are coming. With all good intentions, we chase the flies away, and we place the bowl in another room, because there are no flies there yet.

And what do you find? The flies are back in no time.

Are those flies bad or negative? No, because they follow their instincts, they do what they have to do in the ecosystem. But we do suffer a lot from it.

And then we can start the endless fight against those flies, but there is only one solution: remove the rotting fruit.

So yes there are flies coming from the outside

and yes, there is the rotting fruit inside.

It's and-and.

So it is with the so-called negative energies. Yes, they are outside of us, and yes, they are approaching something within us. That is the simple law of attraction.

That law works on a physical, energetic and spiritual level.


It was Louis Pasteur himself who came to the conclusion at the end of his life that he had focused on the wrong topic during his research. He was the inventor of pasteurization and has thus given a new direction to the fight against bacteria and infections on Earth. With amazing results. But that battle had to be intensified, because so-called superbugs appeared less than a century later.

The bacteria have their clearing up role in the ecosystem and will adapt to continue to play that role. Consider, for example, the dreaded antibiotic-resistant hospital bacteria.

Until after years of research he realized the importance of “the terrain”. All this time, the focus had been on the bacteria and not the rotting substrate that attracted them to the universal law of attraction.

Therefore it will be much more profitable to focus on a healthy body where “bad bacteria or viruses” have no business. It is a preventive approach to health and requires daily awareness. Nature provides us with the necessary herbs for this. Herbal cures are the maintenance sessions for our body as we do an annual maintenance with the car. If we wait until the car is defective, maintenance will not be of much use. Then it becomes towing and curative treatment.

We can help our body even more with the purification process, for example through rinses (“purges” in French). There are rinses for the different organs and the lymph. They are all gifts for a poisoned body, provided they are carried out with the necessary knowledge or professional guidance.

But purification alone is obviously not enough. If you don't watch what you eat, it's mopping with the tap open. On the path of spiritual development, we must also become aware of this at some point.


It's actually quite analogous to the energetic and spiritual side of our existence.

The cleaner we become, the fewer points of attachment there will be for “negative” energies. Cleaning up and cleaning up again, is the message. The importance of constant attention applies there too.

Either we fight those energies, or we view them as a mirror of our own condition, as the fruit flies teach us about the condition of the fruit.

In the first case, we can continue to fight until our energy is used up. We will keep going in circles no matter how therapeutic we are. In the second case, we transcend good and evil and start with the sober conclusion: I attract those energies into my life, and what can I do about it. The focus is not on those energies outside of ourselves, but within ourselves.

Changing other people or situations is usually not that easy, but we can do something within ourselves. Happy!

It takes a lot of courage to shift that focus. Easier said than done when we get yet another “attack” upon us. And yet there is the opening.

“Where is the point of attraction in myself?” Becomes the central question.

Sometimes I wonder if someone like Eckhardt Tolle would feel like he has enemies or is being attacked by negative energies. When I see videos of that man, it is hard to imagine. Who knows, there will come a day when I can ask him myself. In any case, I am not going to wait to continue cleaning up my own inner attraction points.

In my own process and that of the people we guide, I see a recurring pattern:

First there is the phase of becoming aware of your own dark side. It is a zone in our consciousness that we have cut off from a pain. That dark zone will attract situations and people to mirror us that pain and become aware of it in that way. Then there is a period when that pain will still be activated by the people around us, but thanks to the broader consciousness, we are less likely to react violently. That is the process of transformation and usually takes several years depending on the extent of the karmic injury. Until at some point we notice that the triggers outside of us are no longer there. We have then been able to fully embrace our injury ourselves and no “fruit flies” around us are needed to point this out to us. We have transformed the pain and light is coming back into that previously dark zone. More so, our injury will become our wisdom.

For example, people who bear a karmic injury on rejection will feel rejected throughout their lives. No matter how hard they try to fit in, the lid is always on the nose. It started as at birth, it continued at school, in relationships, etc ...

Until they become aware that it is not the other who rejects them, but the cause is their own injury. When they become aware of this, they may stop defending themselves or wanting to belong. The moments when they still feel rejected, they will not focus on the other, but make contact with their own injury. It is a period where it is still very difficult and they are ready to respond from an old defense mechanism. But the further they evolve, the less those activators will affect them.

Attention, it must be genuine. You cannot pretend that they no longer affect you from positive affirmations. After all, that is often based on an underlying denial.

The further they go in that cleaning process, the fewer triggers there will be until they suddenly notice that they are not even busy whether they are being rejected or not.

They have stopped rejecting themselves, they have embraced and welcomed themselves.

An external rejecting energy will no longer find nourishment in them.

That is where the exit and freedom lie.

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