Karmic loyalty

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One of the inner conflicts in karmic transformation is loyalty. You are on your way of evolution and then it suddenly turns out that you have to let go. That could be a job, a friendship or a relationship that means a lot to you but no longer corresponds to your current consciousness. And it is very difficult for you to move on because it makes you feel like you have to leave something valuable behind.

It can even carry the atmosphere of betrayal. And that's where karmic loyalty comes up.

For example, loyalty to family patterns is an important aspect of karmic transformations.

For example, that karmic allegiance can be a factor in perpetuating family addictions such as alcoholism, or deficits, or even illness.

Consider poverty, for example. If one of the descendants wants to transform this pattern, it goes against the family flow. Chronic shortages and poverty are often accompanied by underlying judgments about money and about people who have enough money. If someone starts to make more money than is usual in a family, then he energetically shifts to the "camp of the opponent". This is all happening on an unconscious level, but it is sensed very sharply and will affect that person's actions. Whether consciously or not, he or she ends up in a loyalty conflict.

Common are the conflicts of loyalty in friendly or intimate relationships. For example, at a certain point it may be crystal clear to you that walking your own path will mean a break in a relationship. Naturally, a whole process of evolution precedes that moment of rupture. This is not about sudden decisions. I describe that process in more detail in the book Alchemy of the soul. But within this article I will limit myself to the moment when it is clear that you have to move on, and will have to leave something behind. The relationship outside of yourself no longer matches your consciousness, and you have to move on. And that makes you feel very uncomfortable.

So uncomfortable that it is often easier to stay in the old situation than to grow further. The old prison then feels more comfortable than the unknown freedom. And we choose to stay trapped in old systems instead of changing.

Karmic loyalty makes you feel guilty. You feel guilty to move on without the other. As if you leave something or someone behind, or even a step further: leave it to its own devices. And that prevents you from transforming. It hinders you precisely because you carry a load on a loyalty that calls for transformation.

For example, there are people who, in the exact same situation, have no problem whatsoever finishing a relationship and moving on, but it seems insurmountable to you. As with everything around us, it has to do with ourselves again, and the other is there to point this out to us. An inner conflict of loyalty will be mirrored by friends or partners outside of us who 'blame' us for a breakup.

You can learn a lot about yourself from a loyalty conflict. It is a great chance of evolution and you cannot just skip it or ignore it. It will probably be too strong for that.

Why is it so difficult for you to let go of someone or something?

Then you have to go to the deeper layers of your consciousness to find out what you yourself get out of that situation or relationship. And that is often painful. Externally, we find ourselves in a situation where we are convinced that there are only drawbacks. And yet we will have to dare to sink deep enough into ourselves to seek the energetic benefits.

This makes it easy to feel like a victim of someone who has been keeping you on the line for years. Or if you stay with a partner who is aggressive.

The people around you don't understand why you keep doing that to yourself, and yet you do it.

Notice the subtle shift of consciousness here: you are doing it to yourself. It doesn't just happen to you.

And there is a key there.

If you can turn that around by shifting the focus to yourself, only then will you be able to move on. Otherwise, you will continue to feel like a victim of a fate that does not suit you. You just have bad luck. There are no exits within that program.

It is only when you are willing to take responsibility for yourself that doors will open.

If you keep harming yourself, you may be buying something off. You get something in return for the decreases anyway. Maybe it's recognition, or attention, or physical threats that make you feel like you exist. In this way you can also carry a family loyalty to the program that you have to fight hard to survive. In this way you unconsciously honor your ancestors who also had to fight hard and you get an unspoken feeling of approval.

However, we are not at all used to looking inside ourselves in such cases, because it is painful. We then have to dive into our own karmic injuries. Every situation or relationship is an exchange of energy. But we are usually not aware of that. Certainly not if we still think and act strongly on the basis of perpetrators and victims, of winners and losers. In it, the flow of energy is only in 1 direction: from the loser to the winner.

Within the domain of karmic transformations, you will have to transcend that at some point in order to continue. It then takes the courage to feel what you will get back as a victim or as a loser.

Ai ... that's a tough one ...

But essential.

Once that is clear, you can unravel and transcend your conflict of loyalty. Then you will be able to let go and move on. Please note, I am not talking about just doing your own thing without consideration for others. There is a clear difference between loyalty and solidarity.

From solidarity you can help others with compassion while you yourself are happy. You can give while not feeling bad about your own abundance.

Loyalty has an atmosphere of self-sacrifice and the performance of duties. There is a sense of “must”. You have to call that friend at least once a week, you feel obliged to do this or that with your partner, etc ... There is little joy or freedom to be found. You feel bad or guilty about your own happiness or your own path.

Sometimes it can take a long time to disassemble both concepts.

You can accelerate the process by making a conscious choice. What do you choose?

In English, the content of molars is hidden in the word itself: de-cision. Cut off.

Get rid of something.

But for that you must first become aware of what you will have to get rid of.

Fortunately, that answer lies entirely within you ...

We are happy to help you on your search in Alchemy of Sparks.

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