No Exit

Bijgewerkt op: 1 okt. 2020

Many people struggle with the phenomenon that their situation is getting worse, despite all the efforts and efforts to get out.

The difficulties and challenges only seem to get bigger. As if all those meditations and personal development have a contrary effect.

The global lockdown does not only take place outside of us, but is experienced by every cell within us. It feels like a prison of mental constructs of its own that drives many crazy. We can no longer ignore the global process of karmic cleansing.

The karmic gates are open. It is here and now.

And many feel the NO EXIT. The web closes around them, there is no way out, and that awakens the deepest fears.

They are moments of great depression. There is the feeling that you can no longer flee. Our life that we built on fear is collapsing.

What do we do with it?

How do we treat ourselves?

They are periods of great opportunities for evolution. Think of a birth. The pressure is enormous, just before a new world opens.

This is how we experience it on the outside ... To the baby, the traumatic birth experience may seem like an eternity that seems endless.

But he can't stop the birth, there's a greater force at work pushing him through that birth canal that he can't imagine ever getting through. It all seems like a big NO EXIT.

Likewise, life is right now forcing humanity through a birth canal of evolution. Whether we like it or not, like it or not, we are evolving into a new consciousness. The mess has to come out, and many feel themselves in the washing machine where they no longer know what is up or down.

This is the domain of the karmic transformations and the symptoms that accompany them.

Each of us has come here to Earth with our own karmic backpack and the karmic themes that need to be transformed. It's a process that has been going on collectively for a while, and is now growing exponentially in print. The first glimpses of the new age are already here, but we are still clinging to the programs of the old (based on outer power and fear).

It is logical that our minds want to go back to the old known. Because the new is completely unknown. Like the baby cannot imagine what life outside the womb is like. But that retreating movement is not what life wants for us. Everything in and around you will push you forward in a different direction. Because we cannot understand it rationally, we often feel so helpless. As if the process of transformation is not subject to the physical laws of our logic.

And it is.

This is the domain of the irrational soul level that our minds cannot reach. Luckily perhaps ...

Change and transformation require a lot of courage, discipline and surrender at the same time.

Where do you want to go?

Do you want to remain a slave to your fears or do you take responsibility for your own life? No, no one can solve it for us and no one can help us. We can only be there as a support for each other, reaching out a hand.

Those who have walked the road a little further can help us through their experiences, but in the end we have to take our own steps and make our own way.

I want to reach out to you and make you feel that you are not alone. Have faith in your own path, your own unique path. There is also a way for you. Let it unfold.

I address you in these challenging times, dear Sparks. One of the meanings of spark is "spiritual ark". You came here to let your light shine and grow, to bring light into the darkness of unconsciousness.

Shine as hard as you can, here and now, even if you may feel like a major failure and completely worthless right now.

The more you shine, the better you will see around you through the light.

And the next step will show itself.

And yes, you may not see the full way. That is also the intention, otherwise our fears and prejudices might destroy them.

Focus on the here and now, on what you need, and take care of yourself as you would your best friend.

And regularly look back and be proud of the steps you have already taken, no matter how small.

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