Responsibility as a key moment in a transformation process

Bijgewerkt op: 1 okt. 2020

I would like to talk a little more about the question of one participant during the pause of the last lecture.

The man in question had heard of a therapist who could solve karmic problems for someone else, and wondered if this was possible. You go to someone, and they solve the problem for you.

I found that a very interesting question, because I think it touches on an essential point within transformations: responsibility in a transformation process.

This is a pretty tricky one for many people.

And it is reflected by the world around us that overflows with insurance policies. We are constantly invited to relinquish responsibility for our lives. From childhood on, others know what is good for us, what we have to do in this life, what we need to learn, which toothpaste is ideal for us, etc ...

Responsibility has therefore become a very complex issue, where a clear framework is no longer so obvious. About 50 years ago it was much simpler because the consequences of day-to-day actions carried less risk. We don't need to look any further than the "risks of driving a car."

I also notice the consequences of that complexity within personal development.

People are trained to put the responsibility outside themselves. Completely normal within the broader social framework, but at a certain moment it is a major stumbling block within our evolution and transformation. If you can't make that click, you keep spinning around in a victim role.

I am thinking of the example of a man who only after 1 year of coaching came to take responsibility for himself. A tough nut to crack, but up to that point everything and everyone around him was the cause of being unhappy. And of course life always put him in situations to be able to crack that nut. Opportunities to practice enough!

He was the only common factor in all those situations in which he felt like a victim. The scenery and the actors were constantly changing, but the story was the same time and time again.

You cannot skip any steps on your path of evolution. Every step must be taken, every step delivers a unique experience.

And the unique key moment of taking responsibility opens doors. From then on we continue our way again. Another forward direction is coming.

To return to the participant's question: where is the responsibility? Do you place it with the therapist who has to solve it for you? Then I don't believe in its sustainability. Perhaps a brief sense of relief and safety, but that will soon disappear, to arrive at the same point as before: the beginning of the stage that talks about responsibility.

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