Sweat lodge

Therapeutic sweat lodge

-4 elements-


The combination of a sweat lodge with medicinal herbs is intended to support your process of personal development. This ancient tradition is essentially a purification ritual. On a physical level, there is the intense sweating as we know it in a sauna anyway. Our largest organ, the skin, is activated to purify us of toxins. But there is also the energetic side. The herbs mixtures we use for pouring work on physical organs as well as on an emotional-energetic level.


During the 4 rounds we work with the 4 elements: earth, water, fire and air. They guide us on our journey in consciousness through the different chakras.


A sweat lodge is also a creative process or a (re)birth ritual. Symbolically we enter the womb of the earth, where the warm seed of the sun is brought in in the form of glowing stones.


The heat in the hut creates a confrontation with ourselves, contact with bokkades and resistance. We observe within ourselves what happens in moments of inner pressure and resistance.


This journey is not an achievement. We connect with our fears and resistances, because they contain a message for us. We listen to that. An inner block can only transform itself if it first gets a right to exist.


At the beginning of the sweat lodge, we formulate our intentions that guide the process of purification and rebirth. It serves as an inner compass during the journey in our consciousness.


The intentions to participate in a sweat lodge ritual can be very diverse. From a physical approach to part of a personal quest, a search for existential answers.

on demand
Alchemy of Sparks, 

max. 2 participants


200 euro

Individual sweat lodge on demand

350 euro

On request there are also individual

or family sweat lodges possible.

You can then work around

a specific theme or

a rite of passage.

"It was the first time I did a sweat lodge. It had been calling me for a while, but I never thought it could get me into such a deep process. I came into zones of my consciousness where I found the answer to crucial daily challenges. Concretely the round of the oak brought me into contact with my inner authority, and the perseverance that I want to bring more to put my vision into the matter.

I found the sweat lodge powerful because of its simplicity. "


Niels / Belgium