Alchemy of the soul


"I feel that my relationship problems have nothing to do with my partner. It is an old family pattern in which I am trapped. I want to observe this during this weekend"

  Transform your life


You know what you have to deal with in your life, but you don't know how?

You know your weaknesses very well, but you are unable to transform them?

You have gained personal or professional insights on your inner path and want to integrate them?


During the transformation weekends you get to work with your specific challenges that you want to transform.

You first learn to place them in a wider karmic image. Patterns that we repeatedly relapse into have usually a karmic origin. They are mechanisms in which we feel trapped. By enlarging those patterns through energetic constellations you shift the attention from the symptoms to the deeper causes. It is a way to decode karmic programs and find out where you need to adjust.


Central to this weekend is an alchemical breathing session. During the same, you will breathe intensively to make contact with the physical anchoring of your karmic themes. It gives you the chance to work around the key moment of birth. The first breath of life entered our body at birth. That same breath of life will give you access to the karmic data that was imprinted into your body at that time. At the rhythm of your breath you make a journey in your mind that allows you to see your challenges from a different perspective. It will bring you insights that your mind could never have imagined. In this way you build your inner transformation step by step.


We can also shape karmic transformations in matter. If we don't do that, then it will only be mental or spiritual insights. They may be very beautiful, but they rarely serve anything.

That is why you formulate concrete goals at the end of the weekend to turn the expansion of your consciousness into a sustainable spiritual development.


​During these weekends you can experience the content of the book "Alchemy of the soul" on a deeper layer.

We work with a maximum of 4 participants in order to really work in depth with each participant.

When ?


on demand


Where ?


Alchemy of Sparks center




Price 390 euros


max. 2 people or 2 couples

"I am so happy that I followed my intuition and did the transformation weekend with you.

I have no words for it and I feel like I have received a well-kept secret book in which I can finally start reading. It is amazing how all the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place and how clear the role of certain people is in my life. I am so grateful that, although the naked truth is painful, I can see it now and I finally begin to understand why everything in my life is as it should be. "


Kristine / Belgium